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SupaSmartLoans is a trusted online loan broker that helps people to find the best loans by instantly searching various lenders in the market.
We require you to complete our one, simple application form on our website. Once completed, our systems instantly scan all the lenders on our panel to find one that is likely to approve your loan. The lender will then contact you immediately to finalise your loan.
The interest rates vary from lender to lender and are calculated based upon your individual circumstances.
No. Our service is totally free, however, some lenders on our panel may charge a small once-off loan processing fee.
It could take as little as a few hours to a few days to get your loan approved and cash paid into your account. After you complete and submit an application on our site, we instantly match you up with a lender who is likely to offer you a loan. The lender will then immediately contact you to finalise your loan.
If you provide honest, accurate information in your application then it is likely that you will qualify. Each lender has their own approval criteria and may do a credit check to grant final approval.
We act as the middleman between you and the lender. We do all the hard work in searching a wide range of lenders in the market to get you the best deal. We have access to lenders that may not commonly be accessible to the public. This means that the chances of you getting your loan approved through us are potentially far better.

We work hard to find suitable lenders for people who have a poor credit history, or who are in debt. Depending on your circumstances, getting a loan might be a sensible option in helping you consolidate or manage your debt. If your credit history is poor, it is important to be honest and provide accurate information on your application. This will enable the lender to provide a fair assessment of your circumstances.

Having a poor credit history does not mean that you will be declined for a loan. There are many lenders in the market who specialise in providing loans to people with adverse credit records. If you are struggling to repay your debt, we strongly suggest that you seek advice to enrol in a debt management plan.

We pride ourselves in providing top quality customer service. If we have not met your expectations, we sincerely apologize for any problems that have caused you frustration. We take all complaints very seriously and do our best to rectify them in a fair and appropriate manner. Should you have any reason to complain, please do so by sending us a message through our website. We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours (weekends excluded). If we are unable to respond in 24 hours, we will acknowledge your complaint and will work as quickly as possible to respond within 5 business days.

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